Answers to copyright questions from candidates

I received a reply to my copyright questions from Scott Janzen, Green Party candidate :

Thank you for your interest in my campaign. Feel free to post my responses verbatim.

1. I believe that anyone who owns a computer should have complete control on which programs are installed on their machine and that all installed software should disclose any programs contained in the installation that may restrict or control the functions of the owner's computer.

2. Once any media is purchased, it is ridiculous to expect to control the way in which the media is enjoyed by the consumer. If you buy a DVD in Canada and travel to the UK, you should be able to enjoy your purchase in the UK. If you have purchased music over the years and wish to enjoy your investment on your new iPod, then you should not be restricted to do so. Any company that attempts to control its customers is doomed because we don't want to be told what to do, least of all by companies we pay to have the "priveledge" of using their product. The next "control" might be restriction of reading the newspaper in the bathroom. How far do we want to go with this?

3. What is wrong with 3.5% reduction in CD sales. I haven't bought a CD for like 5 years, because the media is obsolete to me. I go to concerts, listen to streaming music on LaunchCast and I have no desire to purchase a CD anymore. I imagine vinyl record sales have reached an all time low and I haven't seen much press about that.

4. In general, I think the US copyright laws are biased to whomever has the biggest purse. The law is that those who can afford the best lawyers, make the law. Bollywood is a terrific example of an industry where copyright enforcement is laughable, yet the industry is thriving and growing. Industries that make money off of copyright should adapt and capitalise off of new technology instead of wasting so much effort trying to control their customers.

Scott Janzen