It is Industry, not Heritage, that should form the basis of the "copyright pledge"

The "Copyright Pledge" focused on the Minister of Heritage, Parliamentary Secretaries to the Minister of Heritage, and Heritage Committee members.

The Copyright Act lists the Minister of Industry as the Minister responsible for the act. The Minister of Heritage, Heritage Committee and Heritage department have been given excessive influence over copyright based on the claim that copyright is a form of cultural policy. If this were true, Heritage would not be directly responsible for specific incumbent (largely foreign) industry association interests being allowed to dominate the debate. Heritage is not equipped to deal with the economic issues that are brought before them, and have allowed false statistics and faith-based economic ideologies to direct policy. Heritage is also in a conflict of interest, given they fund a small subset of Canadian society that is affected by copyright.

A pledge should include that Copyright be restored to being administered by the Industry Minister, Industry Committee and the Department of Industry. Adequate resources must to be allocated such that ICT, economic, competition and other Industrial policy analysis are included in any policy discussions. The pledge should be amended to specify also that the Industry Minister, committee members and parliamentary secretaries also not accept what will be seen as "influence peddling" from special interest groups.