We can see clearly now...

As reports of inappropriate behaviour by a major Liberal supporter of Bill C-60 and strong-arm tactics by major music labels increase, a bright new future is dawning for the majority of Canadian musicians. The independent music scene is experiencing significant growth while the hit-manufacturing major label market continues to stagnate.

Now this news is reaching the mainstream. During this morning's bus ride, I listened to CBC's The Current where Anna Maria Tremonti interviewed several indie music insiders. All of them confirmed what those of us who do not support the control culture architected into Bill C-60 by the incumbent copyright industry have been explaining: new technology opens new avenues for new artists.

Michael Usinger of the Georgia Straight began with a sentiment that was echoed by later guests: "control has been wrested" from the major labels. Furthermore, the majors have expressed little or no interest in the forms of distribution and promotion used, on the Internet, by indie musicians. As always when it comes to indie music, the per unit profit margin is too low for the major labels to address. The hit-manufacturing industry is incapable, by it's own design, to address long-tail business. According to Jenny Toomey, major labels have "made their bed" by doing little development of new artists. Now many artists are not attracted by major label acceptance and others are leaving the majors for the growing indie market. Unfortunately, this industry is currently in the process of restricting copyright law in order to remove this flexibility and enforce their narrow perspective.

I think it's quickly becoming clear that the major labels are wrong about file sharing and other Internet based technology. It's also quite clear that Canadian artists do not need the greater restrictions introduced in Bill C-60. We can only hope that our next Minister of Canadian Heritage can understand this clearly enough to not destroy a growing new Canadian industry.

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Newspaper name correction

It's actually The Georgia Straight.
Their website is at http://www.straight.com/.