Copyright protection: How far will Sony go?

A Digital Digest article includes:

This conflict between users who want to control what goes on inside their PCs and media companies that want to protect their content is not likely to abate so long as the companies try to control CD copying, says Gartner research director Mike McGuire.

Since studios are unlikely to give up copy protection, he believes music firms may now redouble their efforts to get companies like Microsoft and Intel to build copy protection right into computers.

If you don't yet understand what is wrong with this, what is often called "Trusted Computing", please watch the video. I was handing out CDs with this video (and "Star Wreck - In the Pirkinning") this season as well as other FLOSS CDs.

Sony and other extremists wish to monitoring, metering and controlling the private activities of citizens, circumventing computer security, circumventing privacy legislation, or circumventing property rights. Business models which are dependant on this circumvention of rights should be allowed to fail.