Where's the Green Party of Canada?

Note: This is not an endorsement of a specific party, but support for the idea that national parties running a full slate of candidates should be in the national debates, regardless or especially if they didn't have seats in the last parliament!

Broadcast Consortium Threatens to Exclude Green Party from Leaders' Debate

Despite being a national party with widespread public support and a full slate of 308 candidates, the Green Party of Canada was excluded from the nationally televised leaders' debate in the 2004 election.

Now the broadcast consortium that controls the debate is trying to exclude Green Party of Canada leader Jim Harris again during the 2005/2006 election. This despite the fact that 4.3% of voters voted for the Green Party of Canada in 2004 and polls show that literally millions of Canadians say they would consider voting green in this election.

The Green Party of Canada must be included in the election debate.

Please join us in making this happen by signing their online petition!

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"Democracy is not the law of the majority but the protection of the minority."
-Albert Camus