Election 2006: Cariboo--Prince George

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Cariboo–Prince George / Cariboo–Prince George
MP: Richard Harris (Parliamentary Internet)

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Green Party Innitial Reaction

Well, I just spoke with members of the Green Party. To my surprise, only one has heard of Bill C-74 while no one knew about C-60. I basically gave them a detailed question about both bills and where they stand on both issues. I think they were more horrified at Bill C-74 then C-60, but the chair wrote both down. I'm assuming he'll check out some more info later.

They seem to be interested in taking a pro-active and pre-emptive stance on variouse issues like climate change, so here's hoping that they also decide to launch that with copyright reform issues. All in all, it seemed to be a successful step in the right direction and they offered me to go to the next meeting which, I'm told, will be more Federal based rather then provincial.

Hopefully I'll be able to track down other perties meeting times in the mean time. At this point in time, they have no candidates officially. They are just trying to nominate MP candidates at this point in time.


General Question

I basically sent in questions to all the major parties websites asking about Bill C-60 and Bill C-74. I doubt I'll get anything, but I left zip codes so they know what riding I am in.

All Parties Debate Issues (Audio files)

Website that contains footage of Jan. 11th debate

I posted online the debates of Cariboo AND Peace River. Some interestting footage as it involves Sony BMG and a boycot insighted by incumbant Dick Harris. If you go to Dick's website you'll note that he confirmed it in his events list of a Cancelled PGTV Radio debate on January 17th. Interesting developements!!!