Election 2006: Scarborough--Rouge River

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Scarborough–Rouge River / Scarborough–Rouge River
MP: Derek Lee (Parliamentary Internet)

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Libertarian Candidate Scarborough-Rouge River

As the Libertarian Party's candidate in Scarborough-Rouge River for the federal election, I would ask those who believe in individual rights and liberty to support my campaign and get involved locally with the Libertarian Party after the election.

My Platform

*Self-ownership and property rights. Greater personal and economic liberty.
*Repeal victimless "crimes". Police and courts should be focused on crimes of violence, theft and fraud.
*Restitution. Criminals should have to compensate their victims.
*End drug prohibition which enriches criminals and leads to violence.
*No to social engineering. No to government taking over the responsibility of families with child care subsidies.
*Oppose restrictions on freedom of expression. Preserve and enhance basic Charter freedoms.
*Preserve civil liberties, due process rights and habeas corpus.
*Humane treatment of all prisoners. Canada should take a stand against the abuse of detainees.
*End foreign interventionism. Strengthen the military, but only for defence.
*Non-aggression. Say no to the bombing of civilians and their homes.
*Canada should be militarily and politically independent.
*Stop the growth of government surveillance which threatens individual rights and liberties.
*End government domination of our lives through regulations, taxes, subsidies and fiat currency.
*Oppose Kyoto and let Canadians make their own decisions about climate change propaganda.
*Human needs first. Enhance property rights and say no to environmental central planning.
*Peace and genuine free trade with the world.

More here: http://www.canadianliberty.com/2006/0113.html
Website for the Libertarian Party of Canada: http://www.libertarian.ca

Contact Info:
Alan Mercer
Libertarian Candidate, Scarborough-Rouge River
Tel: (416) 629-0764

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