Who has the right to control your PC?

An article by John Borland, Staff Writer, CNET News.com includes:

The controversy over Sony's copy protection highlights two ideas of property that are clashing as the technology and entertainment worlds converge.
But if some computer owners have shown a lack of respect for intellectual property rights, Sony's invasive content protection tools displayed a similarly tone-deaf attitude to consumers' sense of ownership over their own PCs, critics say.

My answer to the question: It is *MY* personal computer (PC), and I should have the right to control it. Any software which controls my computer should require my informed consent, with any other software being clearly unlawful. If the entertainment industry does not wish to respect my property rights they are free to not sell to me (regulated by various laws such as competition law), but are not free to unlawfully attack my property rights.

I added the following as a reply on the Cnet site:

While I participate in boycotts, these companies have been able to convince governments that any loss of sales is because of "unauthorized sharing". This ignores the fact that there are many legal competitive factors. I keep reading that the Walmart factor (Lower number of titles, price pressure) is far greater than the effect of unauthorized sharing, and yet no country is suggesting making Walmart illegal.

Canadians who are concerned about this attack on our property rights should get political. I host a citizen forum called Digital-copyright.ca which has been involved in the Canadian copyright revision process since mid 2001, and can help people get informed about these issues and help them write to their elected representatives.

We have a petition for users rights that, among other things, to "recognise the right of citizens to personally control their own communication devices". If you have not already, please join the 2378+ citizens who have already signed.

Our politicians are entirely in the dark about this process, and it is our responsibility as citizens to inform them!

Canada may also be heading to the polls very soon, with elections being a good time to talk to all candidates about these issues to see who is better informed. Our site provides per-riding BLOG areas to allow for easy reporting on individual candidates.