House of Commons and Copyright issue update from Joy Smith (updated)

The following two letters were sent out to educators on Monday November 14. Routine business went forward, and the petitions were tabled as quoted from Hansard below.

I will be tabling the petitions I have regarding the educational amendment today in the House. We do need to reword some of the petitions for further use, but the ones we have will be tabled today.

The business of the House is being held up by the Bloc's motion.

Bill C-60 will not be coming up at this time because it looks like the government is coming down within the next little while. This is good in the sense that the copyright law will not be passed without the educational amendment, so things can continue on at this point without teachers and students breaking the law.

The Liberal government would have passed this Bill C-60 without the educational amendment.

That is why I had the questions put up on several occasions in QP, and that is why I set up the adjournment proceedings.

I am not so worried at this point.

Our party is committed to supporting and protecting students and teachers and to include an educational amendment in any copyright law we are responsible for as a government.

I hope this helps.

Business has come to a stand still in Parliament today.

Tabling petitions comes under Routine Proceedings.

QP will be on today, as will members statements, but unless this filibuster by the Bloc stops, Routine Proceedings will not occur.

Tabling of petitions comes under Routine proceedings
I am ready if I have the opportunity.

Stay tuned

Joy Smith, MP
Winnipeg, Manitoba

From Hansard (some time after 1510):

Copyright Act

Mrs. Joy Smith (Kildonan—St. Paul, CPC): Mr. Speaker, I would like to ask for unanimous consent of the House to table petitions from teachers, superintendents and principals across our nation who ask for an educational amendment to be put in Bill C-60, the copyright law.

The Speaker: Does the hon. member for Kildonan—St. Paul have the unanimous consent of the House to table the petitions?

Some hon. members: Agreed.

Mrs. Joy Smith: Mr. Speaker, I thank members of the House for allowing this to happen. It is very important that an educational amendment be put in the copyright law, Bill C-60, because it will free teachers and students from the burden of paying for otherwise free material that they download right now.