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Where is the NDP response?!

I received a response from Peter Tabun's campaign manager, as follows:


I am replying to your email about the questionnaire from Digital
Copyright. I am afraid I have not seen the questionnaire. Is it
possible to have another one sent to us.

Was it sent electronically?

Thank you for contacting us on this matter.
Anne Burgess
Campaign Manager

I referred Ms. Burgess to this site, and still - no response? Can anyone here forward the questionaire directly, as this does actually make a difference in my voting decision?

The Green's just won my vote?!

I have a hard time believing it, but the Green Party is getting my vote this election.

They are the only party that provided a cogent and reasonable platform on Copyright, that didn't follow the recommendations of the imbeciles in the Parliamentary Committee. I mean really, did this committee have ANY idea as to what they were recommending?!

Some people might say a vote for the Green Party is wasted, others might say I shouldn't vote based on a single issue, but I am frankly just that pissed - maybe this vote will make that small difference - ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!