Reply to constituent of Edmonton--St. Albert about Copyright..

A constituent wrote a letter to John Williams in March, and received the following reply from staff in April 2005.

On behalf of Mr. Williams, thank you very much for your email.

I contacted Ms. Bev Oda, our Chief Critic in this regard, and she advises that there will likely be legislation presented in the House of Commons in May, 2005 regarding copyright. Ms. Oda pointed out, however, that until the legislation is presented, we will not know its specific contents, and therefore, it is impossible to provide a perspective.

Even although there have been news reports and even many rumours regarding the contents of upcoming copyright legislation, none has so far been proposed.

Please know that your input is always welcome, and perhaps we could communicate again if and once the copyright legislation is before Parliament. At that time, we will all know the issues at hand and Mr. Williams will be in a better position to respond to any concerns you may have.