Petition for an Education Amendment in Bill C-60

Joy Smith, Conservative MP for Kildonan--St. Paul, along with educators from across Canada, has launched a petition that states:

We the undersigned support an educational amendment that will free teachers and students from the worry of breaking the law under the new government regulations outlined in Bill C-60, a copyright law.

A PDF of the petition for people to sign and send to Joy Smith's office is available from the Canadian Teachers Federation website in English and French.

Postage is free:

Joy Smith
MP for Kildonan—St. Paul
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Francine Filion from the Canadian Teachers Federation offered the following points when discussing the petition.

  • Currently, Bill C-60 doesn't deal with education concerns at all. This absence or void could force students and teachers to pay a fee to use materials for educational purposes which is already free to use.
  • As it stands, Bill C-60 could prevent students and teachers from accessing publicly available materials;
  • this is one issue that has the teachers, ministries of education, universities and colleges and parents all together on the same page -- we have a common front.
  • the education community doesn't want a free ride. It just wants an amendment that is fair and balanced -- an amendment hat addresses the educational needs while respecting the copyright ownership.
  • The federal government claims it wants to do public consultations with respect to educational concerns. Why go through all the expense for another round of lengthy consultations when we have just gone through 4 years of consultations? Public consultations could also take place in a House of Commons committee where groups and individuals are invited to make submissions and presentations.

Should you require even further details, visit our web site at; click on issues and select Copyright.

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