What's wrong with technology companies having to ask entertainment companies for permission?

This document titled The 3-minute Guide to the Broadcast Flag by Canadian-born Cory Doctorow (EFF European Affairs Coordinator) is written about the US Broadcast Flag proposal, but is a good introduction to why it is wrong for creators of technology to have to ask permission of content companies before creating new technology.

It's like a law ordering that every car sold in America have its hood welded shut. Sure, most of us never plan on fixing or modifying our own car, but very few of us would take a hood- welding law lying down. It's not fair for the government to tell us that we're not allowed to peek inside, fix, and improve our own property.

Remember: It is our property, not the property of the copyright holders, that is being regulated here. Anyone who supports tangible property rights should be aggressively opposed to these types of proposals that would allow the questionable business models of a few to trump the property rights of everyone.