Fight might with Right. Your Right. We are all "rights holders"!

Scott G. Elcomb has posted some graphics to try to express a view many of us share: Fight might with Right. Your Right.

This mirrors the theme of our tagline for Digital Copyright Canada which is that "All Canadians are Rights Holders".

The concept is simple, and yet far too many of the participants in the copyright debate from the 1980's seem to not get it.

There is is more than one author in authors' rights: the past author who is a copyright holder and newer authors-in-waiting that have a right to build on the past.

There is also more than one right ("Rights holder") to be considered: both past and present authors rights, cultural rights, property rights (in the content and communications tools purchased), communications rights (Protected by the Canadian Charter, and enhanced by the UNESCO convention), privacy rights, ... (and many more rights).

Copyright policy is not "an appropriate balance between creators' rights and users' needs" as falsely claimed by the Government, but an appropriate balance between many rights that include, but are not limited to, the rights of past authors (copyright holders).