Access to Information request about the "Shared Services" initiative.

I have been aware of the "Common and Shared Services Strategy" (AKA: Shared Services) within PWGSC. There seems to be two incompatable visions: one involves moving towards vendor-neutral interoperable standards and the provision of shared infrastructure when appropriate, and another vision is an imposed vendor choice on the entire of the government for specific IT products and services.

I have sent an ATIP request to Industry Canada (Update: This should have been sent to PWGSC, and has been redirected) asking for the following:

Provide details regarding the information being sought
List of vendors consulted and text of documents created by vendors in relation to the "Shared Services" initiative. The results of any negotiations with vendors that are being considered to supply the so-called common operating system, common application or servers software, and common directory services.

Any policy analysis of whether the "shared services" initiative will be compliant with government procurement requirements in trade agreements, including but not limited to NAFTA Article 1007: Technical Specifications. For further clarification, see CITT File No. PR-2000-073.

PR-2000-073 is the PLCOM case which I document in Canadian International Trade Tribunal and Free/Libre and Open Source Software.