Reply from the office of Steven Fletcher (meeting during my Winnipeg visit)

I received the following letter in reply to my invitation to meet during my Winnipeg visit: OpenCity 2005, the festival of participatory culture:


Unfortunately Steven is out of town and will not be able to attend. For your information, we did not receive an invitation until I exchanged an e-mail at the end of last week with a computer developer in our riding about this meeting. If there are notes that are available after the meeting please send to my e-mail address at scott -at- stevenfletcher -dot- com.

Yours sincerely,

Scott McFadyen

Executive Assistant to Steven Fletcher

Member of Parliament


Phone: 204-984-6432, Fax: 204-984-6451

3111-A Portage Avenue

Winnipeg , Manitoba R3K-0W4


You can post my reply onto your BLOG. If you could do me a favour and also add something to the effect that Steven is the Health Critic and his primary responsibilities are with health. However, as a user of open source technology, Steven has a thorough understanding of the copyright legislation and the surrounding issues though he does not sit on the Heritage committee. Could you also link the post to

Also from the Conservative policy declaration March 2005:

Section 35.

i) The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) believes that the objectives of
copyright legislation should be:

a) to create opportunities for Canadian creators to enjoy the fruits of
their labour to the greatest possible extent;

b) to ensure that the rights of Canadian creators are adequately protected
by law:

c) that these rights are balanced with the opportunity for the public to use
copyrighted works for teaching, researching and lifelong learning;

d) to continue to allow an individual to make copies of sound recordings of
musical works for that person's personal and individual use; and

e) that enforcement is applied fairly and in accordance with international

ii) The CPC believes that reasonable access to copyright works is a critical necessity for learning and teaching for Canadian students and teachers, and that access to copyrighted materials enriches life long learning and is an essential component of innovative economy.

So I hope I can send someone out to the West End Cultural Centre Wednesday
night. Otherwise keep in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Scott McFadyen