Cory Doctorow gives lecture in London on Policy Laundering, Copyright and the Broadcast Flag

Audio-only MP3 version made by Learn 4 Life is based on the videos from Alfie Dennen's BLOG.

Policy laundering is something that every 5 year old is familiar with. The essential thing that you need to know to understand policy laundering is "but Dad said I could". If you have ever seen a 5 year old come up to his mother and say "but Dad said I could" then you have witnessed policy laundering in action.

The example he starts with is the 1995 NII report that was then laundered through WIPO in 1996 to create the DMCA in the USA, Bill C-60 in Canada, and similarly backward legislation and proposals in other countries. This is critical to understanding where Bill C-60 really came from, and how little authority on this subject that this "Dad" should be granted.