This is the posting guidelines for the public mailing lists. See About this Site for more information about the mailing lists.


This forum is "auto-moderated". The moderator only screens messages from people who are not yet subscribers, or for which there is some technical problem with the message. This cuts out inappropriate and 'hit and run' commercial postings. It strikes a balance between the ease of access available through public forums, and the responsibility in postings seen by 'membership required' discussion groups.

There are also some technical requirements of a posting:

  1. Messages must be From: a known email address. In order to post, please subscribe to one of the lists above. If you have more than one email address you use, subscribe them to the list setting the options such that "Mail delivery" is disabled for all but one of the addresses.

  2. Please do not post FILE ATTACHMENTS of any type (graphics, wordprocessor files, "winmail.dat" format files, HTML messages). These attachments cause major problems for those using different software from your own, and these days often contain viruses. Instead, post ASCII text, a URL pointing to the alternate location of the file, or a brief message offering to forward attachments to those interested.

  3. Messages including large lists of Carbon-Copied recipients. These lists are often used to SPAM people so it is just not friendly to include them on a public list. Please make use of the Blind-Carbon-Copy feature of your mailer for any postings to
There are some non-technical requirements for a posting:

  1. Due to technical, time, and other issues , has a general policy of not attempting to delete articles from any of the variety of archives once it has been published. One must be very careful not to post information to this forum that is not intended to be made public as it may come back to haunt you if you post information incorrectly.

  2. Please do not post copyright material for which permission to post has not been obtained, or which are not already publicly distributable. You are responsible for articles you post.

  3. Please do not repost the full text of articles written by other authors without the clear permission to do so from the copyright holder. While some believe that this somehow constitutes "fair dealing", we are still asking that this not ever be done. Please just post an excerpt that encourages people to follow a link to the original.

  4. Do not post personal messages sent to an individual that are then posted to a public list without permission. Posting other peoples private letters are quick grounds for having posting privileges revoked from this and all other lists, so be very careful and respect others privacy!

  5. Please don't post personal or off-topic remarks, line-by-line refutations of other people's opinions, or insults. Please try to get along, even if you do not agree with another forum participant.

  6. Please use your real name and not a pseudonym when posting. We wish people to participate in this forum as citizens who will work within the political process to try to effect positive change in this area of public policy.