Canada Votes 2008

Canadian federal election is called for October 14, 2008

It’s the candidates, not the parties

P2pnet editor Jon Newton has decided to come out in support of a specific party, namely the NDP, as the party people should support if the issues we cover on p2pnet are important to you. While I agree with some of the specific candidates he mentions, such as Timmins–James Bay candidate and NDP digital spokesperson Charlie Angus, and Vancouver Centre candidate Michael Byers, I believe it’s the candidates we need to concentrate on, and not the parties.

Read full article on p2pnet.

Avaaz Stop Harper anthem "You Have a Choice"

There is an interesting song featured on the Avaaz site.

To inspire our campaign, a fantastic group of top Canadian artists have come together to create the Avaaz Stop Harper anthem "You Have a Choice". Artists include K-OS, Ed from Barenaked Ladies, Sarah Harmer, Hawksley Workman, Jason Collett from Broken Social Scene and many more!

Angus calls on artists/digital activists to get out vote

A press release from NDP Digital Spokesman Charlie Angus discusses how digital issues could play a role in key ridings like Vancouver Centre (Michael Byers), Westmount (Anne Legacé Dowson), Guelph (Tom King) and Pardale High Park (Peggy Nash).

Candidates debate questions on Copyright Law Proposals

Pitt Meadows - Maple Ridge - Mission riding constituent Richard Pitt has been offered to ask a question about Copyright of candidates during an all candidates debate.

Campaigning artists enliven election

A Toronto Star article by Iain Marlow talks about some candidates who are artists, featuring musician and writer Charlie Angus who is the incumbent MP who best understand digital copyright issues.

Picking digital locks

A blog article by Kate Scroggins for Carleton University's School of Journalism and Communication talks about Bill C-61 and the election.

For his part, Michael Geist is calling on people to get their candidates to take The Copyright Pledge - 2008 Election Edition.

Tories skip all-party meeting on arts and culture

An Xtra article by Dale Smith and CBC news wrote about a town hall hosted by Vote Culture at the University of Ottawa on Sep 24.

If the Conservative Party is proud of their divisive diversion of money from Arts to Sport, why are they not speaking about it more often? Has anyone seen this mentioned as part of their platform?

Whack the PM!

Seems there is another "strategic voting" site that ran during the 2004 and 2006 elections as well. Whack the PM from The James Gang has you clicking on the leader you least like, then your postal code, and it recommends you who to vote for in your riding to vote against that party.

G&M: Why can't Canadian parties connect with young voters like Obama does?

A Globe and Mail article by Brodie Fenlon talks about how the US campaigns are reaching out to young people using e-mail, text message, Facebook, MySpace or Twitter, but Canadian campaigns are not doing the same.

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