Canada Votes 2008

Canadian federal election is called for October 14, 2008

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Welcoming new MPs to a historically consistent Digital Copyright

After the Tuesday election I read how parliament didn't change much. A few parties lost seats, and some gained. When authoring a tool to automatically scrape a list of winning candidates I found something interesting. If I asked for the MP Information for a candidate who had not yet been an MP I got a blank page, making it easy to create a flag that lists the first time MPs. There are 66 rookie MPs (approximately 21%), and if you are a constituent of one of these MPs you may want to write to them and introduce them to historical consistent Digital Copyright.

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Updated Election2008 candidates list shows elected MPs

I have updated the Election 2008 Candidates list to show the elected MPs, with two new lists: list of elected MPs, and list of rookie MPs. I do not know when the parliamentary information site will offer MP contact information, so don't know when that information will be updated.

Why Fair Copyright advocates need to join Fair Vote Canada

The 2008 election results (as of tuesday @ 03:29) shows why Fair Copyright advocates need to join Fair Vote Canada to change the electoral system:

Party that took a progressive stance on copyright as a party:

  • The Green Party: 6,8% of the votes, 0% of the seats

Party that has an MP representing the party on copyright reform with a progressive stance:

  • NDP: 18,2% of the votes, 12% of the seats

Top 10 Ridings I will be watching election night

Here is a list of the top ridings I'll be watching this election night, and why. Click on the ridings to get more details, articles, etc.

Timmins--James Bay
Obvious place to start the list, with incumbent Charlie Angus of the New Democrats expected to keep his seat. He is the incumbent MP who best understands technology law issues, whether it be Copyright or Net Neutrality. He has also been very successful in educating and working within his caucus to enable the NDP to have some of the strongest candidates in this election.

Updated Election2008 candidates list shows Copyright Pledge

I have updated the Election 2008 Candidates list page to show which candidates took Michael Geist's Copyright Pledge.

Jack Layton on Net neutrality: P2P Power

An article on p2pnet features a YouTube video made by Jack Layton that was targeted to Canadians online.

The Copyright Candidates

Michael Geist has posted the list of candidates who have taken the Copyright pledge.

The Green Party joined as a party, noting that its copyright position was entirely consistent with the pledge. Candidates from the Liberals and New Democrats quickly followed suit. As of Sunday evening, 132 candidates from those two parties have expressed their support for the pledge. This includes 41 Liberals (nine of whom are sitting MPs) and 91 New Democrats (16 sitting MPs which is over half the current caucus). No Conservative candidate has supported the pledge.

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