Election 2006: Send a letter to your candidates

We had an automated letter writing system which encouraged people to log in, set your electoral district, and send a letter. It was only available for the last 8 days of the election. 89 people sent letters directly from this interface, with many more sending letters directly from their own email program.

Example Ottawa South letter:

Dear Allan Cutler, John Ford, David McGuinty, Henri Sader, Brad Thomson
(Ottawa South candidates)

Copyright law, and the changes proposed in Bill C-60, are of concern to me. While copyright is most often described as a balance between the interests of creators and the interests of users, the debate has been dominated by special interest industry lobby groups representing intermediaries.

Bill C-60 may be supported by these industry groups, but is highly controversial with creators, and not supported by users. Industry lobby groups such as the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) can no more legitimately claim to politically represent the interests of creators than the owners of the major banks can claim to politically represent the interests of people who have bank accounts.

Thousands of Canadians, including hundreds of people who are in creative or innovation industries, have signed the "Petition for Users' Rights" which articulates a more balanced vision. Creators support this balance as they realize that creativity builds on the past. In order for there to be a future generation of creators we must limit the control of past creator or non-creator copyright holders.

English Petition text

French Petition text

More information on the petition

Do you support this balanced vision?

The Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) has also sent questions to each of the parties.


Could you offer your own thoughts on these questions? What you have to say on these issues is important to my decision of who to vote for.


Russell McOrmond
305 Southcrest Private,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1V 2B7

Constituent of Ottawa South