Canada Votes 2006

The Canadian federal election is called for January 23, 2006.

Olivia Chow (Trinity - Spadina, NDP)

Ms. Chow's campaign office sent a copy of the NDP response to CIPPIC.

Patrick O'Connor (Provencher, NDP)

I am Patrick O´Connor, the NDP candidate in Provencher Manitoba.

I am a self-employed computer consultant and developer and I share many of your concerns. The Minister and others in charge of copyright law should not be in conflict of interest by accepting funds from organizations with a vested interest in copyright law.

I am opposed to technical measures that claim to be used to protect copyright, but end up acting like SpyWare and other malware and even helping malware like the recent Sony system.

I would like to go into this in greater depth, but I do not have time to do so in the middle of the election.

Laurel Gibbons (Nepean - Carleton,NDP)

January 15th, 2006

Dear Mr. Russell McOrmond,

Thank you for your recent email concerning copyright laws, bill C-60 and my views on the impact in Canada regarding these important issues.

Copyright Information

New Democrats have traditionally expressed support for measures that protect the rights of creators, and ensure that their work is valued and compensated, whether it appears on the radio, in print media, on the internet or elsewhere.

New Democrats have also expressed that any copyright legislation needs to balance the rights of creators, users and distributors. Creators must be fairly compensated for their work, and only a creator can waive that right. At the same time, users need fair access, in order to encourage a vital Canadian culture. We would support legislative measures that involve a careful balancing of all of these factors.

John Williams (Edmonton - St. Albert, Conservative party)

Dear Mr. McOrmond,

Thank you for your email requesting that we respond to your election survey.

We have found over the years that surveys tend to focus too specifically on individual issues and do not reflect the overall position of either our candidate or the Conservative Party. Therefore, as a matter of our local campaign policy, we do not respond to surveys of any kind.

Yours truly,

Scott Wilson
Campaign Manager
Campaign to Re-Elect John Williams, M.P.
Edmonton-St. Albert

Andy Scott (Fredericton, Liberal)

The campaign office sent a coyy of the Liberal party answers to CIPPIC's questions.

David Chernushenko (Ottawa Center, Green Party)

Dear Russell,

Thank you for contacting the Green Party with your concerns about technology law issues. Below are our responses to the CIPPIC questionnaire. The Green Party agrees that no MP who has accepted a financial contribution from a copyright lobby group should then serve as the Minister of Cdn Heritage, or its Parliamentary Secretary, or sit on any legislative committee conducting hearings on copyright matters. We also agree that greater protection is needed against technical measures used to circumvent computer security, circumvent privacy, circumvent competition, and other important public policy.

Caroline Desrosiers (Ahuntsic, NDP)

Dear Mr. Mc Ormond,

Although, the NDP does not have an elaborate platform on copyright issues thus far, we have been consistent on conflict of interest and lobbyist issues. Our candidate does support that copyright issues should be under the Minister of Industry and not the Minister of Heritage. These issues are complex and I, with my executive committee, would be willing to meet with a representative of yours in order to discus these matters. This can be the basis of a future resolution that can be drafted by our riding and presented to the federal convention of the NDP which may help steer our party's policy on the issues which your organization is concerned with.

Sam Goldstein (Trinity - Spadina, Conservative)

I thought Micheal Geist's column in the Star a day or so ago was excellent on Internet Issues.

Raphaël Thierrin (Ottawa - Vanier, Green party)

Thanks for this Russell. I won't have the time to fully understand the issues, but what I've read quickly has opened my mind to a different way of thinking around copy right issues. The metaphor about banks not representing the interest of bank account holders certainly hit the right note.

Raphaël Thierrin

Ted Haney (Calgary - Nose Hill, Liberal)

Sent a copy of the Liberal party response to CIPPIC.

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