Canada Votes 2006

The Canadian federal election is called for January 23, 2006.

Julie Sabourin (Westmount - Ville-Marie, Green Party of Canada)

Dear Mr. McOrmond:

I recognize that the questions you have raised are very important and must be addressed by the Green Party, as well as the other Partys. Some of your questions are easy to answer, such as agreeing that stronger laws and enforcement mechanisms are needed to protect Canadians from unwanted behaviours associated with spyware. However, some of your other questions will require further reading on my part before I can give a useful answer.

I would be happy to examine your links more in detail and discuss these matters further, once I have more time available after the election.

Otto Casanova (Mississauga - Streetsville, Green Party of Canada)

Dear Russell:

We have very few resources to deal with all e-mails during the elections. Attached is our platform. Our Central Hub may respond, though.

Locally we will remain active. Please contact us then.

Otto Casanova

Stephen Maynard (London North Centre, NDP)

Your questions and the information you provided with them raise a number of complex points. I will be seeking further information and considering those issues in more depth. Should I be elected, I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your position in more detail and learn more about the policies you would recommend for consideration.

Stephen Maynard

Stephen Maynard NDP Campaign
809 Dundas St. at Rectory
London ON
N5W 5P6

Russ Aegard (Thunder Bay - Rainy River, Green Party)

Hi Mr. McOrmond,

To be perfectly honest, I am really busy with being a teacher and attending debates. When I read your email, there are a lot of issues there and being not as technology savvy as others, I will just defer to our Green Party's response.

Thank you for your inquiry,

Russ Aegard

Mark Abramowitz (Thornhill, Progressive Canadian Party)

Dear Russel McOrmond

First and foremost I want to apologize for how long it has taken for me to get back to you. To be honest, I am not very educated on the subject of your questions, so I forwarded them to a party member who is. I am sending you his responses because it would be his word that I would take on the matter. I hope to have your support for the upcoming election. If you have anymore questions feel free to call me at 416-704-2697 or e-mail again.

Mark Abramowitz
Candidate for Thornhill
Progressive Canadian Party (PC)

office number 416-704-2697

Here it is:

Link to article on DCC site with answers from Jim Love.

Neil Adair (Ottawa West--Nepean, Green Party)

Russell McOrmond - Digital Copyright Canada forum wrote:

Do you agree that Copyright should be primarily handled by Industry rather than Heritage, and would you be willing to offer a similar pledge to the above listing Industry rather than Heritage?


* A recent government bill C-60 proposed legal protection for technical measures that claim to be used to protect copyright. Many of these technical measures are indistinguishable from SpyWare and other malware which circumvents the security of personal computers.

Would you support a bill to modernize Canadian law to provide legal protection *from* technical measures used to circumvent computer security, circumvent privacy, circumvent competition, as well as other important public policy?

Richard Walsh-Bowers (Kitchener Centre, NDP)

January 15, 2006

RE: Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic Questionnaire

Attached please find the response of the New Democratic Party to your 2006 Election Survey. It is the policy of our party to respond to surveys on behalf of all New Democratic candidates.

Please note that our election platform has yet to be released. We invite you to consult our platform after it is released for more information on the issues you raise in your questionnaire.

Thank you for your interest in the views of the New Democratic Party on the critical issues facing Canadians.

We appreciate your efforts to help voters make an informed decision on voting day.

Libs make it tough to like them

The Hill Times published a letter to the editor I sent to them earlier.

While the Liberals don't have policy documents, the party has answered critical technology law questions that The Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) asked.

The Liberals started by insulting us on their answer to the first question, entirely dismissing the concerns of many Canadians, including computer and security experts.

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