Canada Votes 2006

The Canadian federal election is called for January 23, 2006.

Globe and Mail: Liberal MP's fundraiser causes controversy

This Globe and Mail article by Roma Luciw about Bulte's fundraiser tonight contains this gem:

"I will not be silenced by zealots like Michael Geist and political opportunists like Peggy Nash who are making something out of nothing," she said, adding that she believes Mr. Geist's comments are nearing the point of being defamatory.

"I am not going to sue him before the election but dammit, watch me after the election."

I look forward to Bulte trying to take people on in the courts -- the more public this gets, the more her outright lies claiming to support "artists and creators" will be exposed.

Democracy Watch: Government Accountability / Corporate Responsibility report cards.

Democracy Watch has 2 federal election Report Cards grading the five main parties on their: Government Accountability Platforms, and Corporate Responsibility Platforms

No matter what issue or problem in Canada concerns you, making the Canadian federal government and Canada's largest corporations more accountable will help win the changes and solutions you are seeking

CIPPIC News Release - Major parties ignore internet issues in election run-up

News Release
Ottawa , ON
January 19, 2006

Major parties ignore internet issues in election run-up

It may be no surprise, but the four main campaigns in the upcoming federal election have largely ignored key internet issues involving individual privacy, free speech, and consumer rights, despite the fact that these issues will no doubt be on the legislative agenda in the coming year.

"We are disappointed", said Philippa Lawson, Executive Director and General Counsel of the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC), at the University of Ottawa 's Faculty of Law. "While we know that this election was prompted by the sponsorship scandal, and that Canadians are concerned first and foremost with issues such as health care and employment, we expected that all major parties would at least answer our questions. The issues we raised are all ones that Parliament will be addressing this year or next."

Rob Hutchison (Kingston and the Islands, New Democratic Party)

Hi Russell, sorry it took so long to reply. I am enclosing a statement on our position on this issue. I hope it helps. Thanks for your inquiry. Valerie Westgate, Campaign Manager for Rob Hutchison. This time, NDP.

January 19, 2006

BoingBoing: Canadians: ask your Member of Parliament to declare a stand on copyright

This BoingBoing article posted by Canadian science fiction author Cory Doctorow includes:

Canadians can use an automated tool to write to their Members of Parliament to warn them off of supporting Bill C-60, the Liberal Party's proposal to bring Canadian copyright law into step with the US's Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the UN treaty that spawned it.

See also: Musician playing at Hollywood's MP fundraiser owes success to copying, Hollywood's MP caught lying on tape.

Trevor Grover (Calgary Centre, Canadian Action Party)


I would be lying to say that I understand this issue even remotely enough to answer your questions. In the broader sense I can say that I support protection of Canadian content in the interests of agreements with other countries, ie: Canadian producers or creators should have the protection of there work entrenched in law. As the representative for Calgary Centre, I would be more than willing to raise a voice to these specific concerns on behalf of our Canadian Cultural Property. It's only a token, but I hope this helps.

Trevor Grover

Additional note:

Ok, I did some research and I understand the issues a little bit more. Given my limited knowledge thus far I'd have to say that I wouldn't be able to support bill C-60. I make no promises, because it is illegal for me to do so under the Canada Elections Act (s550), but it sounds like bunk special interest pandering to me.

Catherine Whelan Costen (Macleod, Canadian Action Party)

Dear Mr. McOrmond

I have looked at this issue previously, and it seems to be very complicated matter, or perhaps it is just being presented that way, as many issues are today. I am a writer, and I have concerns about copyright law also. When I post something on the internet, I expect that people will copy and paste elsewhere, or circulate to others. For me that is a compliment and it serves the purpose of having people read what I write. On the other hand if they are selling my work, that is indeed a different issue. Canadian Action Party supports the arts, we support and expect people to be paid for their work. We also believe the people who are affected are the ones who should be consulted on these issues.

Reporter Sheila Copps showing bias towards past parliamentary secretary Bulte

Replying to: Toronto Sun article by Sheila Copps.

Re: "good women members like Liberals Maria Minna and Sarmite Bulte in Toronto"

It shouldn't surprise me that reporter Sheila Copps is going to show bias towards Sam Bulte, her past Parliamentary Secretary when Ms. Copps was Minister of Heritage.

As a Canadian creator trying to protect my ability to make a living at my craft from their extremist views on copyright, I've had the misfortune of having run-ins with both of these people. The fact that they were women didn't seem to matter as far as their being extremely closed minded, believing they had all the answers, and their abrupt shutting down of any conversation that disagreed with their own ideologically based views.

Another Burnaby-New Westminster all-candidates debate

All Candidates Debate
7502 2nd Street Burnaby
Thursday 19th January 7:30
according to the blog of the Green Party Candidate.

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