Canada Votes 2006

The Canadian federal election is called for January 23, 2006.

p2pnet: Bill C-60 dies with Martin team

A p2pnet article includes:

CIPPIC (Canadian Interest Policy and Public Interest Clinic) counsel David Fewer tells p2pnet readers the death of the Martin team won't mean in any dramatic turn-arounds, but it will give Canadians another chance to make sure the new government acts in their, rather than industry, interests.

Slyck News: Bill C-60 and Bill C-74 Die

This Slyck News article by Drew Wilson includes:

To examine this issue and discuss what it means for the P2P community, Slyck spoke with David Fewer and Phillipa Lawson, legal council and Executive Director/General Counsel of the CIPPIC (Canadian Interest Policy and Public Interest Clinic.)

Election 2006 leaves technology legislation in limbo

This article by Shane Schick includes:

With Martin's government near collapse, the fate of Bill C-60 and Lawful Access hangs in the balance. Legal experts tell us what to expect after Canadians hit the polls again

Election Seasons Greetings - Bill C-60 dies on the Order Paper

Last evening the House voted on a non-confidence motion and we are now into an election. Bill C-60 has died on the Order Paper, but you can be sure that whoever forms the next government will table a similar bill (likely with a different number). We need to ensure that any new bill protects the rights of the majority of Canadians, including Canadian creators and their audiences (users have rights too!), and not privilege the economic interests of the extreme minority represented by the incumbent old-economy media, content and "software manufacturing" monopolists.

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