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Whack the PM!

Seems there is another "strategic voting" site that ran during the 2004 and 2006 elections as well. Whack the PM from The James Gang has you clicking on the leader you least like, then your postal code, and it recommends you who to vote for in your riding to vote against that party.

How did past members of important committees do?

I did a quick lookup of the new list of MPs for those races for past members of Heritage Committee and members of Industry Committee.

Past Heritage Minister Honourable Hélène Chalifour Scherrer, Liberal candidate for Louis-Hébert, lost her seat to Roger Clavet of the Bloc Québécois.

Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) questions

Find out what positions federal parties and candidates take on some controversial issues involving the Internet and new technologies. CIPPIC's "Election 2004" webpage provides background on seven questions we are asking each party, and will include the parties' responses once we receive them. Get involved yourself - ask the candidates in your riding about their views on these or other related issues!

Green Party: Broadcast Consortium censors political choices

The criteria for the leadership debate seems to be that the party had seats in the last parliament. Unlike the Bloc the Green Party will be running candidates in all 308 ridings, and yet the Bloc leader will be invited while the Green Party leader will not.

Press release ((Montréal - Thursday, May 27 2004): No to Green Party in debate - Broadcast Consortium censors political choices

Questions for Candidates (version 1.0)

The following is a questionnaire for election candidates around the important cultural and creative policy known as copyright. Your answers are appreciated as early as possible. We will be making answers available on our website as part of the materials we are presenting during this election.

The questions are based on the Petition for Users' Rights which can be read at

Political parties: Do you provide a per-electoral district link on your sites?

As a feature of our website we have a forum topic in each of the 308 ridings that has a link to a number of relevant sites. These links contain the electoral district number in them, and the message is automatically generated in a script.

What I am looking for is a link for each party that will reference the candidate and other information.

Want to help make the Internet an election issue?

I have been circulating around a message trying to draw people to this website. It has now been posted at the following locations.

General Election Discussion

This is a forum intended to be used Canada-wide during the Federal election.

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