Canadian Electoral Districts (2003 representation order)

Electoral Districts of Canada (organized by province) This list of 308 ridings was in effect between the 38th general election called on May 23, 2004 and the 42nd Canadian general election called on August 2, 2015. The riding list as of August 2 has 338 electoral districts which do not match exactly to the 308 riding boundaries that this website used.

Tory plan would create 22 new ridings, but nobody knows just where

The last time the boundaries were redrawn was in 2003, and we have now started the process towards a redrawing that will happen likely in 2014. A CBC news article discusses a recent bill tabled in the House of Commons, and from there links to other related articles on federal electoral boundaries.

Candidates for office infringe copyright, so why don't they modernize it?

A young Washington-based political video blogger known on YouTube as EmergencyCheese has forced into the open a question in one of his videos I have had for a long time: since political candidates for office often violate copyright when it serves their political campaign, why do they not modernize Copyright law to make lawful activities they seem to feel are harmless?

While this blogger is US based and is talking about US presidential Candidates, if you look at any Canadian candidate or MP website in Canada you will also find copyright infringements. How can they infringe copyright (often because they and their staff don't understand this excessively complex law), and then act so morally outraged when they find out that other Canadians do the same?

Count of letters sent to MPs

The following was a live count of the letters sent to MPs or Candidates though this site, up to when the automatic letter writing feature was disabled. Letter 1 was sent during the 2006 federal election, Letter 2 was launched in April 2006, and Letter 3 was launched in October 2006.
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