Send a letter to your member of parliament about the Private Copying levy

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Dear [your MP]
Member for [electoral district name]

You may have read that the Canadian Private Copying Collective has managed to convince the Copyright Board of Canada that a levy should be applied to devices that are capable of storing music. I believe the government should clarify the law to disallow this unfair and harmful levy.

When I legally acquire music, I should have the legally protected right under a living Fair Use regime to transfer this music to devices of my choice without additional permission or payment. It should not matter if I purchase music on CDs or via legal download sites, I should be able to play them equally on my home stereo or my portable audio devices (MP3 players, cell phones, etc).

The current Fair Dealings regime in Canada is far too restrictive, and needs to include the legally protected right to time, space, device and format shift copyrighted works without additional permission or payment.

While I believe that musicians should be compensated for the public distribution of their music, such as via peer-to-peer filesharing services, I believe that the payment method should be more closely tied to the activity. Applying the levy to devices is entirely inappropriate.

When a levy system is used, it must be fully accountable and transparent to the people who pay the levy. Statistical methods must be improved to ensure that it is the musicians whose works Canadians are publicly sharing that are compensated, and not use outdated methods such as radio airplay or SoundScan CD sales.

Thank you,