Send a letter to your member of parliament about Postal Code lookup data

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Dear [your MP]
Member for [electoral district name]

Many community websites, such as and let people know who their MP is based on postal codes. The database that links postal codes to electoral ridings costs a lot of money: $2,500 for the first year, $500 for updates for subsequent years.

Last election, each party had on its website a way to find out who your MP was based on postal codes. It has become an essential tool for parties to involve people in the political process: let them know who their candidate is for the party, how to get in touch with their campaign and donate money.

It should also be part of the toolkit of advocacy organizations. Parties do not have to pay, but grassroots groups and non-profits do. I believe this is an unacceptable tax on democracy, and I ask that you work to make it freely available to all Canadians in an open format.

Besides the cost to democracy, there are a couple other points worth considering.

-Elections Canada is not a customer of this product. They also buy a file from Canada Post, a crown corporation, duplicating the costs of development.

-The website results seem less accurate than those on the parliament's website (which I hope was obtained from StatsCan rather than duplicated).

Making this data freely available in an open format is a great way to ensure citizens are given accurate information, to increase participation in our democratic process and reduce bureaucratic duplication.

[your name and contact information]

Please ensure that your letter is signed with your real name, address, and postal code. The staff for Members of Parliament will often check the address to verify whether you are a constituent, and may ignore the letter otherwise.