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Doug Perry (Vancouver South, Green Party) responds

I am not an Expert in this issue but I agree that any MP who has received campaign funds from any special interest group, or personal benefit that was not in the course of a legitimate business transaction in the pre-political career of the MP, should be considered in conflict of interest if they sit in on the making of any decision which in any way determines the possible benefit or detriment of the individual or group that contributed to their campaign. In the incidence where an MP had pre-political business as a writer, musician, or visual artist they may have had worked for publishing corporations etc with a vested interest in copyright laws, but they may also have a valuable practical understanding of how copy wright law will come to be applied hence their knowledge could be useful on a comity determining how the copy wright law be written. Or in lay-mans terms I will not tolerate any corruption and will be quick to let it be know if I encounter any before, during, or after my time as MP.

I hope that this answers you concerns
Doug Perry DTCM CBT Green Party candidate Vancouver South

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Vancouver South / Vancouver-Sud
MP: Hon. Ujjal Dosanjh (Parliamentary Internet)

Minister of Health

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Essential Inventions sent a request to The Honourable Ujjal Dosanjh, Canadian Minister of Health, requesting a compulsory license to manufacture and export generic gleevec

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The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) has recently proposed a policy where NIH funded studies will be moving to an Open Access policy. A letter was sent to the Canadian Minister of Health to ask if similar policy was being contemplated for Canada.

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