Vancouver Quadra

By-elections results

Desnethé–Missinippi–Churchill River: Rob Clarke (Conservative) with 47.8% of vote

Toronto Centre: Bob Rae (Liberal) with 59.2% of vote

Vancouver Quadra: Joyce Murray (Liberal) with 36.1% of vote

Willowdale: Martha Hall Findlay (Liberal) with 59.3% of vote

See elections Canada, 2008 By-elections for more details.

Meeting with MPs and nominated candidates.

One of the things I often say in interviews is that Copyright is not a partisan issue in Canada, that you can't focus on parties, and that the issue comes down to the personal experience and ideas of individual representatives. Given this it is important to talk to sitting members of parliament, as well as candidates running to replace them.

By-elections will be held on Monday March 17, 2008

On Friday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that by-elections will be held on Monday March 17, 2008 in the ridings of Toronto Centre (Ontario), Willowdale (Ontario), Vancouver Quadra (British Columbia) and Desnethé-Missnippi-Churchill River (Saskatchewan).

MPs Not Running In Next Election: 25

According to the Hill Times, the following current MPs will not be running in next election. There are 7 vacancies expected by end of summer, with 5 after byelection. Many believe that narrow partisan reasons were used to not call the remaining 5 byelections to happen at the same time.

MPs retiring and Vacant seats

Hill Times reporter Abbas Rana provided a table in this week's Hill Times listing the 15 MPs that have already announced they will not be running in the next election, as well as the 2 vacant seats.

1. Liberal MP Ray Ronin (Nickel Belt)
2. Liberal MP Brenda Chamberlain (Guelph)
3. Liberal MP Stephen Owen (Vancouver Quadra)
4. Liberal MP Bill Graham (Toronto Centre)
5. Liberal MP Paul Martin (LaSalle-Emard)
6. Liberal MP Nancy Karetak-Lindell (Nunavut)
7. Liberal MP Andy Scott (Fredericton)
8. Liberal MP Paul Steckle (Huron-Bruce)
9. Liberal MP Joe McGuire (Egmont)
10. Liberal MP Jim Peterson (Willowdale)
11. Conservative MP Brian Fritzpatrick (Prince Albert)
12. Conservative MP Ken Epp (Edmonton-Sherwood Park)
13. Conservative MP John Williams (Edmonton-St. Albert)
14. Conservative MP Normal Doyle (St. John's East)
15. NDP MP Bill Blaikie (Elmwood-Transcona)

Vacant seats:

1. Bloc MP Yvan Loubier (Saint-Hyacinthe-Bagot)
2. Liberal MP Jean Lapierre (Outremont)

Joseph R. (Joe) Comuzzi (Thunder Bay--Superior North) is expected not to run, but has not yet made an announcement.

Election 2006: Vancouver Quadra

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Vancouver Quadra / Vancouver Quadra
MP: Hon. Stephen Owen (Parliamentary Internet)

CIPPIC replies: Vancouver Quadra Green Party candidate

Received from Doug Warkentin:

Music File-sharing: What is your position on the issue of file-sharing in Canada--should it be illegal?

No it shouldn't, but anyone who is making any money off of it (e.g. through selling advertizing on websites, etc.) should be required to pay substantial fees to the artists.

Technological Protection of Copyrighted Materials: What is your position on using legislation to prohibit circumvention of TPMs?

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