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PM announces changes to the Ministry

The Prime Minister announced changes to the federal ministers. (CBC) The important thing for us is that the Ministers of Industry, Heritage are the same.

The Minister of International Trade is now Peter Van Loan, while the Minister of Foreign Affairs remains with Lawrence Cannon. It can be argued that these ministers, and not Industry or Heritage, actually have the primary responsibility for Copyright law given Copyright is primarily set in trade and treaty negotiations.

Minister’s PVR use highlights need for clear copyright rules: expert

A Canwest News Service article by Sarah Schmidt discusses how Canada's current Heritage Minister's more modern technology usage makes him likely an "Infringer" under our current backward-facing Copyright law. What remains to be seen is whether he takes the time to understand what copyright reform needs to really be about, and not what the old-economy incumbents have been claiming in lobbying that it is about.

New cabinet, new faces on Copyright

The new cabinet is being sworn in, and I'm updating our page for important MPs. Copyright being joint between Industry and Heritage, the two Ministers who will be responsible are The Honourable Tony Clement (Minister of Industry) and The Honourable James Moore
(Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages).

MP meetings in Vancouver area.

It is great to be monitoring the mailing lists of various Fair Copyright groups, and seeing reports from meetings with MPs.

Recent list messages indicated that Alex Harford met with James Moore (Port Moody - Westwood - Port Coquitlam, Conservative) and Kevin Schut met with Ed Fast (Abbotsford, Conservative). Notes are being posted to a page on their WIKI dedicated to MP meetings.

In my own riding of Ottawa South we haven't yet had our meeting to discuss Bill C-61. I am trying to contact nominated candidates (See WIKI page) for the major parties as I believe it is important for us to include these people as well.

MP James Moore replies to constituent letter about copyright.

Ricardo Bortolon posted on facebook a reply he received from his MP.

Ricardo Bortolon

Thank you for your correspondence regarding copyright reform in Canada.

Heritage Minister Bev Oda expected to be shuffled? If not her, then who?

According to the CTV there is a cabinet shuffle, government being prorogued, and a new Throne Speech when parliament returns. It is all speculation, and it includes suggestions that Ms. Oda would be shuffled. We might as well join the speculation: who do you think would make a good Conservative Heritage Minister, and who do you think would make an extremely bad one?

Mary Woo Sims (Port Moody - Westwood - Port Coquitlam, New Democratic Party)

Dear Russell McOrmond:

My apologies for the delay in responding to your email as it has been extremely busy and I have been trying to personally respond to emails and questionnaires that voters are sending me.

Thank you for your informative letter and questions concerning copyright law. I have read the response of Jack Layton and the NDP to the CIPPIC and agree with it.

Upon reading your letter, it became apparent to me that to be well briefed on this subject it will take more research and time that is available to me during the election campaign.

I will commit to you, that if elected, I will make it a priority to investigate the issues around copyright law and their implications. Your letter has made me much more aware of its importance and I will do everything possible to ensure I am well informed on the subject.

Thank you again for your letter.

Mary Woo Sims
NDP Candidate for Port Moody-Westwood-Port Coquitlam

Election 2006: Port Moody--Westwood--Port Coquitlam

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Incumbent information

Port Moody–Westwood–Port Coquitlam / Port Moody–Westwood–Port Coquitlam
MP: James Moore (Parliamentary Internet)

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