Langley MP Mark Warawa and Newton-North Delta MP Sukh Dhaliwal

Langley MP Mark Warawa is quoted in an article by Andrew Bucholtz in the Langley Times as saying that, “We’ve tried to reach a balance, and we’ve done that over the last year and a half by meeting with all the stakeholders”.

Election 2006: Langley

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Incumbent information

Langley / Langley
MP: Mark Warawa (Parliamentary Internet)

CIPPIC replies: Langley Liberal candidate

;:Dear Philippa Lawson,

;:Thank you for requesting our views regarding these new, and not so new, issues. Technology has certainly revolutionized society. We are catching up and I think it is time for laws and protocols to manage this industry and limit how individuals take advantage and exploit copyrights via internet.

;:My answers are inserted into the text of the document.


;:Kim Richter

Music File-sharing: What is your position on the issue of file-sharing in Canada--should it be illegal?


Technological Protection of Copyrighted Materials: What is your position on using legislation to prohibit circumvention of TPMs?

CIPPIC replies: Langley Green Party candidate

;:To Philippa Lawson,

;:Thank you for your interest.

;:I have read the replies provided by the Green Party of Canada, and will not be adding my own responses for now. That having been said, I understand the importance of, and appreciate your efforts to, "assist policy and law-makers in their efforts to craft balanced solutions to problems arising in the context of new technologies".

;:Patrick Meyer
;:Green Party of Canada
;:Langley EDA CEO, Langley Candidate
;:cell: 778-552-5568

;:Authorized by the official agent for Patrick Meyer

Election 2004: Langley

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