Chilliwack--Fraser Canyon

Ed Baye (Chilliwack - Fraser Canyon, Green Party of Canada)

Russell McOrmond:

I do not understand enough about the problem in respect to copyright protection for intellectual property. I would certainly need to research this much further in order to respond to your questions. Right now I do not have that time to do the necessary research.

Ed Baye
Green Party of Canada
Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon.

Christian Heritage Party of Canada leader accepts the "Copyright Pledge"

In response to a request I received the following:

Dear Russell McOrmond,

I heartily agree with the protection of the integrity of the federal cabinet as described in the terms of your pledge.

Ron Gray
National Leader
Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Election 2006: Chilliwack--Fraser Canyon

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Incumbent information

Chilliwack–Fraser Canyon / Chilliwack–Fraser Canyon
MP: Chuck Strahl (Parliamentary Internet)

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