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Thank you letter sent to Peter Julian

I sent Peter Julian a package that included a thank-you letter for introducing first batch of petition signatures.

s the host of Digital-copyright.ca , and one of the over thousand Canadians who signed the Petition for Users' Rights, I would like to thank you for presenting the first batch of 187 signatures to parliament. Copyright, along with patents and other related laws, form the foundation on top of which our future economy will be built. It is important that we get this area of policy correct.

The package included a number of relevant CDs.

Letter is available in the following formats: PDF, OASIS open office XML, HTML

Peter Julian introduces first batch of petition signatures in parliament.

On Thursday April 7, 2005 (approximately 10:15), Peter Julian introduced the first batch of approximately 187 signatures for the Petition for Users Rights in parliament. We have received over a thousand signatures, and will be having many members of parliament introducing them in batches.

The following is what he said in parliament.

Letter to NDP critics: Keep eye on the future during Bush visit

I wrote a letter to key NDP issue critics discussing the importance of policy around patents and copyright.

Canada is at a crossroads: It could join the "coalition
of the billing" which are those countries that bow to US pressure to
outsource their cultural and economic policy to foreign special economic
interest groups. Alternatively, Canada can adopt a modern way of looking
at development in the knowledge economy and become a world leader.

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Contact details for Peter Julian

He's currently a hard man to get hold of :-)

I got a reply from this email address : julianpeter@shaw.ca

He said that peter@peterjulian.ca is no longer operative, and the parliamentary email address, Julian.P@parl.gc.ca, will be active from next week, when he is allowed to move into his parliamentary offices.

I also have a phone number for him - ask me if you need it.

Reply to questions for candidates from Dana Green

Two separate emails.
First email, dated Thu 24 Jun :
Dear Chris Brand,

Many apologies for not replying to your questions sooner!! I must have across as quite dismissive. Sorry. I had been receiving so many junk emails from companies carrying “Brand name” vitamins and software etc. that I blocked the word “brand” with my spam filter…lesson learned!

Since I have been swamped, I just got to clearing out that “possible spam” folder today, and behold – your emails.

So…Regarding your questions, I must admit that I am not adequately informed on the issue to answer these tonight in this email. I have run across some debate as to the value of copyright versus patent at my workplace, as we often take start-up companies public and see technologies in development stage and inventors keen not to fall prey to slyly devised paperwork. I have heard a colleague of mine state that patents are useless and copyright is valid and yet have no idea why this was stated. I do intend to find information about copyright starting tonight, and I will.

All Candidates Meeting 17 June (Burnaby--New Westminster)

For this election, we only got one all-candidates meeting. Unfortunately, only 5 of the 6 candidates were supposed to be there (Dana Green of the Canadian Heritage Party was not listed) and only 4 of them actually showed up (I didn't catch the reason for Revel Kunz of the Green party not being there).

I arrived while they were still setting up. It soon became clear that the number of chairs that were set out was not going to suffice and people started setting more chairs up. In the end there were about three times as many rows of chairs as were initially set up. I estimated around 150 people attended.

Reply from Revel Kunz

For the record, I did get a reply from Revel Kunz on Thursday, but my email software ate it - I saw the sender and subject but never saw the body of the message. I asked her to resend but haven't heard anything back yet.

(I also complained bitterly to our helpdesk here about anti-spam software that discards messages leaving no way to recover them and backup software that can recover everyone's mailboxes but nothing finer-grained).

Reply to questions for candidates from Mary Pynenburg

A letter arrived in the mail this morning :

Dear Chris Brand,

I appreciate your questions and commend you for bringing forth issues that are important during this federal election.

The Liberal Party has commented on the Copyright Act, and this position can be found at http://www.digital-copyright.ca/taxonomy/page/or/337.

As New Westminster City Planner for twelve years, I have dealt with many complex issues with a wide range of stakeholders to work out the best policy position. Issues surrounding the Internet and the Copyright Act are complex and continually changing, and I agree that there needs to be a balanced approach that takes into account the creators and the rights of the public.

Reply to questions to candidates from Mike Redmond

Thank you for your questions on my position regarding copyright law.

I believe that copyright should continue to be a balance of the interests of
users and creators. I have no opinion on whether the duration of copyright
should be shortened, but I have heard no compelling reasons to do so.
Generally, Canadian copyright law should continue to conform to international

I am not familiar with the Heritage Committee report and I cannot comment on

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on how users rights can be
clarified or enhanced, but I do not think I have enough information now to

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