Catherine Whelan Costen (Macleod, Canadian Action Party)

Dear Mr. McOrmond

I have looked at this issue previously, and it seems to be very complicated matter, or perhaps it is just being presented that way, as many issues are today. I am a writer, and I have concerns about copyright law also. When I post something on the internet, I expect that people will copy and paste elsewhere, or circulate to others. For me that is a compliment and it serves the purpose of having people read what I write. On the other hand if they are selling my work, that is indeed a different issue. Canadian Action Party supports the arts, we support and expect people to be paid for their work. We also believe the people who are affected are the ones who should be consulted on these issues.

Election 2006: Macleod

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Macleod / MacLeod
MP: Ted Menzies (Parliamentary Internet)
Conservative critic for International Trade

Request for clarification of Conservative Party Policy Declaration (copyright, patent, etc)

The following was sent in an email to key Conservative members of parliament.

As we head into an election, our community would appreciate answers some questions so that they can be used to help in our decision about who to support. While the questions are my own, I am trying to represent a group of new-media creators and audiences. The questions will focus on patent and copyright, including both domestic and foreign policy perspectives on these areas of policy. We wish to receive clarifications of some of the related policy statements from the March 19, 2005 policy declaration.

Election 2004: Macleod

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