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Letter to Rahim Jaffer: Internet policy mentioned at Conservative policy convention

Mr Rahim Jaffer,

Like many Canadians I am watching the Conservative policy convention that brings together a diverse group of people trying to articulate an alternative vision. As a person highly involved in trying to articulate an alternative vision on technology policy from what we have seen over the past decade, I was happy to hear you mention the Internet in your speech.

Read full letter in forum.

Notes about Rahim Jaffer's website

I posted some notes about Rahim Jaffer's website to the forum. This shows that his team is using Free/Libre and Open Source Software already, and may have done so deliberately knowing the advantages of open collaborative development models.

CBC Cross Country Checkup for June 6

Join CBC Cross Country Checkup as it plugs into the riding of Edmonton-Strathcona in Alberta. Meet host Rex Murphy and some of the candidates live from Edmonton City Hall ..and join the discussion.
Join Rex Murphy and candidates:

  • Rahim Jaffer, Conservative
  • Debby Carlson, Liberal
  • Malcolm Azania, NDP

All from the riding of Edmonton-Strathcona in Alberta (some time will be allotted for Green Party candidate, Cameron Wakefield).

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