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The Net's influence on Edmonton - Strathcona

CBC journalist Jesse Brown has posted his latest netcast that summarized some key Internet issues surrounding the election. He speaks about the antiquated election results blackout, as well as the influence of vote swapping, strategic voting, and copyright on the riding of Edmonton - Strathcona.

I have to admit that I had high hopes for Rahim Jaffer, which he never followed through with. I consider it his personal choice to have technology policy add to environmental policy to push him out of office.

Michael Geist: The Copyright MPs

Michael Geist has identified a group of 27 MPs (nine percent of all MPs) who share two key attributes - they won their riding by 10 percent or less in the last election and their riding is home to a university. The combination is important since it is these MPs - not the very safe Jim Prentice - who will face the consequences of the Prentice bill that will harm a generation well versed in digital technologies, social networks, and the Internet.

Copyright Law for Who? The Lobbyists and the Charmed

Lawrence posts on his Noteworthy BLOG a bit about who has been lobbying around Copyright, and how everyone can get involved in reporting this issue.

Want to look at who paid what to which politician: Elections Canada has a nice searchable database. When you look at say James Rajotte, the chair of the Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Industry, you see the Canadian Recording Industry Assoc donation of $500 but you also see the Canadian Association of Broadcasters' donation of $250. The CRIA and the CAB are now at war. The CAB has exposed the foreign associations and interests before and this time around, the gloves will be off.

MP pops the question, MP votes yes

Edmonton Journal article by Nick Lees discloses the question:

The sun was glinting off the Rocky Mountains on a beautiful day in Jasper when Edmonton's Rahim Jaffer proposed to fellow MP Helena Guergis.

Alberta and Ontario getting together? Hmm... What did Mr. Harper say about "the west" on election night?

Election 2006: Edmonton--Strathcona

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Edmonton–Strathcona / Edmonton–Strathcona
MP: Rahim Jaffer (Parliamentary Internet)

MP website, Conservative party constituency association.

Reply from Rahim Jaffer, M.P. Re: Copyright and Bill C-60: stepping on the toes of the provinces + diminishing property rights

Rahim Jaffer, M.P. for Edmonton Strathcona, wrote the following letter in email:

Dear Russell, (you can post it if you want)

I acknowledge receipt of your recent correspondence received at my Ottawa office with regards to the copyright law. It is a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to respond to your concerns.

The Conservative Party believes that we must examine and update our copyright legislation in order to ensure that the rights of Canadian creators are adequately protected by law, that these rights are balanced with the opportunity for the public to use copyrighted works for teaching and research, and that enforcement is applied fairly and in accordance with international standards. The private copying regime in Canada entitles an individual to make copies of sound recordings of musical works for that person’s personal use. Currently, the most important role government can play is one of education in working with industry to develop a public education campaign to better inform users and creators on the copyright laws in Canada . Bill C-60 will be reviewed carefully before given support.

I hope that this information has cleared some of your concerns, if you would like more detailed information I would invite you to contact the Official Opposition critic for -industry, Mr. James Rajotte, M.P. You may also call me directly at my Edmonton office to schedule an appointment; you may contact Ms. Michele Art at 780-495-8404. I look forward to meeting with you.


Rahim Jaffer, M.P.
Edmonton Strathcona

Request for clarification of Conservative Party Policy Declaration (copyright, patent, etc)

The following was sent in an email to key Conservative members of parliament.

As we head into an election, our community would appreciate answers some questions so that they can be used to help in our decision about who to support. While the questions are my own, I am trying to represent a group of new-media creators and audiences. The questions will focus on patent and copyright, including both domestic and foreign policy perspectives on these areas of policy. We wish to receive clarifications of some of the related policy statements from the March 19, 2005 policy declaration.

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