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Rona Ambrose constituent unable to meet with MP?

Corey Grajkowski blogs about his thus-far unsuccessful attempts to meet with his own MP, Hon. Rona Ambrose. He sent a followup letter today to Ms. Ambrose.

Corey Grajkowski's blog

I wanted to quickly hilight Corey Grajkowski's blog. His "about me" says the following:

I am mostly concerned about where technology and law meet. I fear that those who make the laws will not understand the effects it will actually have. I leave other political issues to those who know more than me. I am the founder for the Fair Copyright for Canada - Edmonton Chapter and I support the CIPPIC.

Globe and Mail on Rona Ambrose

A Globe and Mail article by Jane Taber discusses Rona Ambrose and the problems she was handed when Environment Minister. Hopefully it will be useful for constituents to read if they will be writing or meeting with her to discuss digital copyright issues.

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