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I wanted to quickly hilight Corey Grajkowski's blog. His "about me" says the following:

I am mostly concerned about where technology and law meet. I fear that those who make the laws will not understand the effects it will actually have. I leave other political issues to those who know more than me. I am the founder for the Fair Copyright for Canada - Edmonton Chapter and I support the CIPPIC.

Laurie Hawn (Edmonton Centre, Conservative Party of Canada)

Hi Russell,

Sorry for the tardy reponse. As you might imagine, I'm geeting hundreds of e-mails and I try to get to them personally.

I'm afraid that you're asking questions in an area that I am unqualified to answer. I'm sure that this query has gone to other Conservative MPs or candidates who can offer a more qualified response.

Laurie Hawn

When I asked if I could post the above to the blog, she added:

Hi Russell,

I am open-minded and ready to be educated in any area where I lack expertise. You may post as you wish.


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