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Art Hanger (Conservative, Calgary Northeast) tables signatures for Petition for Users' Rights

Art Hanger, the Member of Canadian parliament for Calgary Northeast, today tabled a batch of 87 signatures for the Petition for Users' Rights. The signatures were colleced in Calgary by Brett Wuth at a talk by Richard Stallman in Calgary on May 18th, 2005 : The Danger of Software Patents.

Calgary petition signatures dropped off with Calgary Northeast MP

Today I dropped off 87 signatures at the office of Art Hanger, MP for Calgary Northeast. Mr Hanger seems to be very engaged with constituents signing petitions, and has a page on his website dedicated to them. These signatures were collected at a Calgary UNIX Users Group event on May 18th, 2005.

Parliament may be going on recess as early as this Wednesday, adjourning until January 29. While the Heritage Minister claimed a copyright bill would be tabled in the fall, it is clear that this can't happen. Hopefully parliamentarians are reading Michael Geist's column which suggests that a smaller package of less controversial copyright amendments would be far more useful than an omnibus bill like Bill C-60 which pretty much everyone had one problem or another with.

Election 2006: Calgary Northeast

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MP: Art Hanger (Parliamentary Internet)

Calgary - May 18th, 2005 : The Danger of Software Patents

The Calgary UNIX Users Group is hosting the following important event:

Richard Stallman from the Free Software Foundation and of the GNU Project, author of the GPL, the man who made GNU/Linux possible, will be giving a talk in Calgary.

Richard Stallman will explain how software patents obstruct software development. Software patents are patents that cover software ideas. They restrict the development of software, so that every design decision brings a risk of getting sued. Patents in other fields restrict factories, but software patents restrict every computer user. Economic research shows that they even retard progress.

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