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Copyright tough guys, Tories face the music for using song

An interesting Ottawa Citizen story by Glen McGregor that suggests the Conservative party of Canada, with the full involvement of Industry Minister Jim Prentice, may be violating music copyright (seemingly of the composer, performer and maker).

This is far more common than people might realize. Copyright is highly complex, and it is quite likely the people putting this video together didn't realize they needed to do copyright clearance before distributing it to the media and implicitly authorizing them to broadcast it. This should remind us that those who are proposing radical changes to Copyright law simply do not understand this area of law. I'm still not convinced Minister Prentice has done more than read a few page briefing note on Copyright.

Prentice's Failure to Communicate

Michael Geist BLOGs about a lecture Jim Prentice gave in Calgary, with many of the questions borough being about Copyright (links to 4 video clips, and full presentation).

Please note that while this was a lecture focusing on policy making in the context of climate change, that 5 of the 8 questions focused on copyright. While the environment is often sited in polls as the #1 issue of Canadians, it should be noted that Copyright and related new economy questions are also very high -- especially for youth. Politicians and heads of lobby groups (industry associations, unions, etc) really need to modernize their thinking in these areas, or they will be "voted out" of whatever type of office or executive positions they hold.

Funny sci-fi anti-Canadian DMCA video

Cory Doctorow blogs about a Galacticast show about the Canadian DMCA. Pretty funny with Industry Minister Jim Prentice playing Darth Vader.

Parliamentary week in review: December 10-14

Previous review: December 3 - 7

The House stands adjourned until Monday, January 28, at 11:00 a.m.

Opposition to copyright bill seems to have blindsided Prentice

An article by Deirdre McMurdy of The Ottawa Citizen suggests the bill will not be seen until late January.

Not surprisingly, the dysfunctional relationship between Industry and Heritage -- which share the copyright file -- is now being cited as a key part of the problem on copyright. That's an impression that the tendency for mutual finger-pointing has only reinforced.

In a speech on Nov. 6, Heritage Minister Josée Verner came remarkably close to candour on the subject of the rift between the two departments when she called for "better coordination between Industry Canada, Canadian Heritage and the CRTC."

Copyright amendments cause Internet stir for government

A Canadian Press article discusses the possible delay in tabling the Copyright bill.

Prentice told the House that the government has an obligation to bring in a copyright bill to implement the World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO's) Internet treaties that Canada signed onto in 1997.

Mr. Prentice should stop trying to pass the buck with this misinformation. Canada is under absolutely no obligation to implement or ratify these treaties.

Charlie Angus asks question of Jim Prentice on Copyright.

Charlie Angus (Timmins--James Bay) asked a question of the Minister of Industry in question period. See slice from Mycelium. Official transcript available via Hansard tomorrow.

Mr. Charlie Angus (Timmins—James Bay, NDP) :
Mr. Speaker, the Minister of Industry clearly does not understand the issue of copyright because he has refused to meet with key Canadian stakeholders.

Prentice to unveil his answers to copyright law disputes

Deirdre McMurdy of The Ottawa Citizen writes about the upcoming copyright bill.

But by far the most scrutiny will be reserved for the treatment of the digital-rights management issue.

This will determine if, and what sort, of technological locks are placed on online content and its use. Of particular interest are the penalties set out for those who break the locks or circumvent the technology.

Interview with Jim Prentice leaves more questions than offers answers.

I watched a video interview from Saturday of Industry Minister Jim Prentice about the upcoming copyright bill (Via Facebook, YouTube).

(Update: Michael Geist has posted The Canadian DMCA's Talking Points)

The following are some additional questions that come up in my mind from the "answers" that he offered.

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