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Federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice leaving politics

Jim Prentice, current Environment Minister and Industry Minister when Bill C-61 was tabled, has now stepped down.

Media: CBC.

Jim Prentice Calgary Centre-North 2008 Federal Election All Candidates Debate

Kempton advertised a debate on September 30, 2008 in Calgary Centre-North, riding for Industry Minister Jim Prentice who tabled the anti-technology Bill C-61.

Service providers must beware informed consumers

CBC's Peter Nowak interviews Liberal Scott Brison, incumbent MP for Kings-Hants in Nova Scotia. Brison is now the industry critic, the Liberals' counterpoint to Minister of Industry Jim Prentice.

Canadians fed US-style copyright legislation? I wish!

In an article in p2pnet , Charlie Angus, Digital Spokesperson for the New Democratic Party, said that "Under Stephen Harper, Canadians are being force-fed US-style copyright legislation." When I read this, all I could think is "I wish"!

While I've written about how some aspects of C-61 are lifted near-identical out of the USA's DMCA, I have not yet put them in context with the rest of their copyright act. Bill C-61, like the DMCA, is a set of changes between the previous Copyright and a new Copyright. US copyright law was more fair before their DMCA than Canadian law is now, and if Canada takes the direction articulated in C-61 we will become that much worse than US law. As bad as this would be, I would be happier to have Canada simply adopt current US law (DMCA and all) than to apply Bill C-61 to current Canadian law.

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Corey Grajkowski's blog

I wanted to quickly hilight Corey Grajkowski's blog. His "about me" says the following:

I am mostly concerned about where technology and law meet. I fear that those who make the laws will not understand the effects it will actually have. I leave other political issues to those who know more than me. I am the founder for the Fair Copyright for Canada - Edmonton Chapter and I support the CIPPIC.

Furor over text message fiasco prompts Ottawa's intervention

An article by Brian Jackson discusses how politicians have got involved in the proposal to charge for inbound text messages.

Attached below is a bulletin sent out by Industry Canada yesterday. I find it interesting that the Minister wants an "explanation" about charging for inbound (often unsolicited) text messages, but it uninterested in getting an "explanation" from the lobby that wants to be able to legally apply digital locks to hardware they do not own.

Is Canadian minister violating Google copyright?

In what is typical of those who seem to have the most moral outrage for private citizens violating copyright, Jim Prentice had (quickly removed, but that is no defence!) infringing images on his website.

Made Worse in Canada (feat. Jim Prentice), with additional commentary

An amazing audio/music mashup (Includes Jim Prentice, Colin Carrie, Charlie Angus, Howard Knopf, David Fewer, etc). Also check out the Jim Prentice Remix.

This is the type of creativity our laws MUST protect! We need a living fair use regime to protect this artist's right to extract these political clips without permission or payment, and we need this artist to be legally protected to fully control the digital tools for their creativity without having any foreign locks that get in their way!

C-61 Intro with interviews with Jim Prentice

A SFFaudio article by Jesse Willis offers an introduction to C-61 with the Minister's media scrum and the Search Engine interview. Please read the bill and then listen to these, and spot the number of errors the Minister makes. Have you seen evidence that he has read the bill yet?

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