Kildonan--St. Paul

Petition for an Education Amendment in Bill C-60

Joy Smith, Conservative MP for Kildonan--St. Paul, along with educators from across Canada, has launched a petition that states:

We the undersigned support an educational amendment that will free teachers and students from the worry of breaking the law under the new government regulations outlined in Bill C-60, a copyright law.

A PDF of the petition for people to sign and send to Joy Smith's office is available from the Canadian Teachers Federation website in English and French.

Postage is free:

Joy Smith
MP for Kildonan—St. Paul
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Teachers on the hill with Joy Smith and Stephen Harper

Last night I joined a group of about 15 teachers on Parliament Hill. They were invited by Joy Smith, Conservative MP for Kildonan--St. Paul, who has been an outspoken advocate of an "educational amendment" to Bill C-60.

We first met with Ms. Smith, and then were met by the Hon. Stephen Harper, leader of the Official Opposition and MP for Calgary Southwest. There was the usual shaking of hands and taking of photographs.

We were invited to visit as Ms. Smith was going to be speaking on this issue in parliament during question period as well as during adjournment proceedings. We were invited to be in the gallery during the adjournment proceedings.

Conservative MP Joy Smith speaks out on issue of educational use of Internet

The Member of Parliament for Kildonan-St. Paul, Joy Smith, plans to raise the issue of educational use of the Internet as part of the adjournment proceeding at 6:30pm on November 2 in the House of Commons. This is a postponement from an earlier possibility of October 24.

The Canadian Teachers' Federation has been trying to keep their members up-to-date on this issue, and sent messages out to teachers. The suggestion was for educators and concerned parents to show up to parliament hill and be in the gallery. This way Ms. Smith could indicate their presence to lend additional importance to her call for needed amendments to Bill C-60.

Letter to Joy Smith, MP: Proposed amendments to Bill C-60 may create yet another Liberal levy (tax) on the Internet

The following letter was sent in email to Joy Smith, Conservative member of parliament for Kildonan-St. Paul

Dear Mrs. Joy Smith,
Conservative member of parliament for Kildonan-St. Paul,

I notice that on September 30'th, and again on October 6'th you asked the Minister of Heritage a question about the proposed levy on educational use, and likely eventually all use, of the public part of the Internet. Both times the Minister tried to deflect your question with misinformation.

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