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Letter: Parliament must protect citizens rights in the information age!

Michael Geist's article suggested we contact MPs about Digital Rights Management (DRM, also called "copy protection", or "technological measures that are used by authors in connection with the exercise of their rights"). My letter copied to the Industry and Heritage ministers and critics was copied to the Discuss forum.

Letter to Brian Masse about patent office practices

I sent a letter to Brian Masse requesting that he take on flawed patent office practices as an issue in parliament.

Letter to NDP critics: Keep eye on the future during Bush visit

I wrote a letter to key NDP issue critics discussing the importance of policy around patents and copyright.

Canada is at a crossroads: It could join the "coalition
of the billing" which are those countries that bow to US pressure to
outsource their cultural and economic policy to foreign special economic
interest groups. Alternatively, Canada can adopt a modern way of looking
at development in the knowledge economy and become a world leader.

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Torvalds Dubbed Most Influential Executive of 2004

CRN has named Linus Torvalds the most influential executive of 2004. IBM's Palmisano is #2, and Microsoft's Ballmer is #3.

I sent a message to the Industry Minister and critics to let them know that the most influential executive of 2004 is also a strong opponent to software patents.

CIPPIC replies: Windsor West Green Party candidate

Received from Rob Spring

Music File-sharing:

;:File-sharing technologies offer new opportunities and must not be suppressed. However, as with many other new technologies, the development of file-sharing protocols have presented challenges and issues which must be addressed.

Technological Protection of Copyrighted Materials:

;:When used, TPMs must be respected and software or methods which circumvent them should be outlawed. However, I personally believe we must review when TPMs are used and explore opportunities to release more material into the public realm under the open-source concept.

Candidates previously on Industry Committee

While I was not invited to speak to the members of Heritage committee on copyright reform, I was able to talk to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology on May 4, 2004. The invited me in to talk about Bill C-2.

Election 2004: Windsor West

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