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Macleans: MPs: They're just like us

A Macleans article John Geddes follows up to the second annual Maclean’s survey of MPs. Featured are Bill Blaikie as overall winner, Michael Ignatieff as best public speaker, Joe Comartin as most-knowledgeable MP, and Charlie Angus as MP who does the best job for his local constituency.

It is important for out community to recognize politicians as being people like us, so that our community will feel more willing to offer our help to MPs in understanding technology issues (which most people don't understand as well as we do), rather than being upset at them for seeking to pass bills which would harm Canadian creativity and innovation.

Bill C-59 debate complete (about an hour and 10 mins), bill passed.

It is now 17:00 and the debate is complete. (Hansard transcript now available) A total of 10 people spoke, including the Justice Minister (Hon. Rob Nicholson), and the Justice critics for the Liberals (Hon. Marlene Jennings), Bloc (Réal Ménard) and NDP (Joe Comartin).

Election 2006: Windsor--Tecumseh

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Windsor–Tecumseh / Windsor–Tecumseh
MP: Joe Comartin (Parliamentary Internet)

same-sex politics

While this is not a copyright issue, it is an issue that affects many of the members of parliament with more modern positions on copyright reform.

A Macleans article by Joan Bryden discusses how some Catholic MPs are being denied communion by some priests. "By de Valk's calculation, roughly 130 of Canada's 308 MPs are Catholic, including Prime Minister Paul Martin."

Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus has been centred out, with Windsor-Tecumseh MP Joe Comartin, Sault Ste. Marie MP Tony Martin, Vancouver Liberal MP Hedy Fry, and Toronto Liberal MP Maria Minna also mentioned in the article.

CIPPIC replies: Windsor--Tecumseh Green Party candidate


;:I see that your website already has a response submitted in the name of the Green Party. I've read it, and it seems sensible and well-informed. Since this isn't my area of expertise and I believe strongly that people should be thoroughly informed about questions before expressing judgments on them, I'm just going to endorse the general Green Party response, deferring to the experts' opinion.

;:I would also like to congratulate you on your website. It contains a great deal of useful, relevant information and links. I especially appreciated the section on alternatives to an outright ban of music file-sharing - it just shows that those calling for the ban have a lack of imagination and are standing in the way of innovative solutions!

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