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A million voters could be disenfranchised

As an example of what goes wrong when bills are inadequately debated, and MPs are excessively partisan, recent changes to the federal Elections Act (Bill C-31) will wind up disenfranchising more than 1 million rural voters. An article in the Toronto Star details the problem.

Just four months ago in a bid to clamp down on voter fraud, Parliament amended the Canada Elections Act to require that each voter produce proof of identity and residential address before being allowed to cast a ballot.

But Elections Canada now says more than one million rural Canadians do not have a proper residential or civic address – complete with street name and number – as envisaged by the legislation.

Can we expect similar easily fixable mistakes to be made in the upcoming Copyright bill? Will it get adequately debated, and dangerous flaws (in wording and intended direction) recognized before passage?

US Tech Workers Give It Up to Democrats. What about Canadians?

When reading an eWeek article by Roy Mark talking about political donations to US presidential candidates, I wondered what would be said in Canada. We don't have a separate executive branch, with our prime Minister simply being the leader of the party that receives the most seats, so an apples-to-apples comparison isn't possible.

Angus remains spokesperson on digital culture/copyright for the NDP

Mr Charlie Angus sent me an email to update an earlier article on this site to clarify that he will continue to be active on the digital copyright file. Please read the full press release on Mr. Angus's website.

Although Angus is leaving the Heritage file he will continue to act as a spokesman on issues of digital culture and copyright for the NDP.

Layton announces new NDP shadow cabinet

The NDP has announced a new shadow cabinet. Surprisingly, Bill Siksay (Burnaby-Douglas) has replaced Charlie Angus (Timmins-James Bay) as Heritage critic.

Peggy Nash (Parkdale-High Park) replaces Brian Masse (Windsor West) as primary Industry critic. this means that Ms. Nash will now play a larger roll in Copyright policy, bringing her back to some of the debates which brought her into the house in the first place.

This may also suggest that there will be changes in who sits on the various parliamentary committees.

Angus calls on Canadians to get involved in Democratic Media Campaign

From DemocraticMedia.ca and a press release from Charlie Angus.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) - the body that regulates broadcast and telecommunications systems - is holding a hearing in Gatineau this coming September on how to ensure a diversity of voices in our media. The deadline for submissions is July 18, 2007.

Will government protection for the revoking of citizen control over the means of creation and distribution of digital media (AKA: DRM) be adequately discussed?

Bill C-59 debate complete (about an hour and 10 mins), bill passed.

It is now 17:00 and the debate is complete. (Hansard transcript now available) A total of 10 people spoke, including the Justice Minister (Hon. Rob Nicholson), and the Justice critics for the Liberals (Hon. Marlene Jennings), Bloc (Réal Ménard) and NDP (Joe Comartin).

Canada cracks down on camcorders? Best to have a special bill on this...

There are so many articles about this issue pointing to made-up numbers about the amount of camcording that happens, how much of it is Canadian, and how much comes out of Montreal. To be honest, I like the idea of having a specialized bill to deal with this issue so that it can be separated from the larger set of copyright revision issues.

Heritage boondoggle in the making says Angus

An article on the NDP website includes:

OTTAWA – New Democrats are asking the Heritage Minister to explain what appears to be a backdoor process to give Conservative MPs first dibs on a proposed summer arts program. Charlie Angus (Timmins-James Bay) has obtained a memorandum from the minister’s office that is inviting Conservative MPs to come forward with ideas on how to spend a $30 million program slated for summer festivals. No criteria, applications or timelines have been posted by the Heritage Department with regards to this multi-million dollar fund.

See also: CanWest News

I'm a Green, Hedy Fry is Blue, Nickie is a Space Cadet, lets hang out in the Tiki Bar

(Also carried by p2pnet)
There have been a number of ideas that have been bumping around my head the past few weeks that need to be pushed out onto this BLOG after listening to This Week in Tech Episode #92. The episode was about user generated content, which included the Vancouver based hosts of the Tiki Bar. What they were talking about reminded me of my recent meeting with the Honourable Hedy Fry, the Member of Parliament for Vancouver Center.

Mr. Angus tables petition signatures to protect Information Technology property rights!

Mr. Charlie Angus, member for Timmins-James Bay, just tabled the first batch of signatures for the Petition to protect Information Technology property rights. He managed to read nearly the entire text of the petition into Hansard, and I believe that by doing so will alert other MPs to these critical property rights issues!

The Transcript from Hansard:

Technical Protection Measures

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