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Geist is running his playbook again?

I added the following as a comment to a blog article by Chris Castle which he titled, "The Consultation of the Mikado Part 2: Geist is running his playbook again ". It is also interesting to ask why the same isn't lobbed against musician and MP Charlie Angus who, along with myself, share many policy views with Michael Geist. Maybe it is seen to be easier to pick on a lawyer than fellow artists?

Geist: MP shakes up copyright landscape

See Michael Geist's Law Bytes article for more on the motion and private members bill tabled by Charlie Angus.

While the iPod levy proposal garnered the lion's share of attention, Angus's fair-dealing motion may ultimately have a bigger impact.

Also in the news today: CRTC to rule on 'TV tax' dispute.

Putting Mr. Angus' private members Copyright bill in context: locks, lawsuits, levies and licensing.

On March 16, 2010, NDP digital issues critic Charlie Angus (Timmins-James Bay) tabled Motion 506 to expand Fair Dealings as well as a private members bill Bill C-499: An Act to amend the Copyright Act (audio recording devices) which seeks to extend the existing Private Copying regime for audio recording to devices. The next day the Heritage committee tabled a motion supporting the extension of the regime to devices, indicating the support of the Liberals and Bloc for this policy direction.

While I fully support the motion on extending Fair Dealings, the impact of the private members bill is much more complex and needs discussion. This is what Mr. Angus intended.

Read full article on IT World Canada's blog >>

Answers needed on secret ACTA talks.

Charlie Angus has sent a letter to International Trade Minister Peter Van Loan challenging him to explain how ACTA will impact Canada's domestic copyright policy. Full text of letter is on Charlie's website.

Year end political donation to Charlie Angus.

I made a year end political donation of $600 to the campaign of author, broadcaster, editor, journalist, musician, negotiator, singer, and Timmins--James Bay MP Charlie Angus. Added to my earlier $500 donation this brings me to the maximum of $1100 that can be donated.

I believe if you read other articles on this site attached to the Timmins-James Bay riding you will understand why I am donating to Mr Angus, if you don't already know. Out of the 308 sitting MPs he is the one that has the most modern and advanced thinking on technology law and laws regulating and promoting creativity. I make this donation to Mr. Angus regardless of the party he is associated with, not because of the party.

Thank you Mr. Angus for the great work you do on behalf of Canadian creators, their fans/users, and all other information technology owners.

Billy Bragg and MP Charlie Angus press conference

Billy Bragg and MP Charlie Angus (New Democratic Party) Parliament of Canada Press Conference November 20, 2009 with Safwan Javad (Canadian Musicians Creators Coalition), Don Quarles (Canadian Songwriters Association) on the creation of digital copyright policies that ensures artists get paid and pushes back against the corporate war against fans.

Link to YouTube

Debate on spam became innovation agenda discussion

Charlie Angus was in full force yesterday. He took his contribution to the debate on Bill C-27 (often called the anti-SPAM bill, although it still contains anti-malware and other provisions as well), and spoke about it as one part of a larger digital agenda.

The full debate is available via Hansard, but I wanted to highlight a specific section of Mr. Angus' contributions. (Note: Debate resumes after C-50, which may be today or later.)

CRTC drops the ball on Internet freedom: Angus

OCTOBER 21, 2009

Decision leaves consumers and users out in the cold

OTTAWA - Today’s CRTC decision on internet traffic management practices is a blow to the future of digital innovation in Canada, New Democrat Digital Affairs Critic Charlie Angus says. The decision allows Bell and other giant Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to throttle the internet traffic of competitors or end users if they see fit to do so. This interference will be bad news for smaller competitors and leaves consumers open to digital snooping and interference from cable giants.

Rocker Andrew Cash nominated in riding of Davenport

Andrew Cash, along with sitting MP Charlie Angus, are members of the Canadian Music Creators Coalition. This will now be another riding to watch in the next election, and I will give whatever support I can to both Charlie and Andrew.

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