Letter to Susan Kadis, MP, about Hill Times article on Innovation

The following to the MP was carbon-copied to Simon Doyle of the Hill Times.

Dear Susan Kadis,
Liberal critic for science and technology,

I read your policy brief article in this weeks Hill Times.

My own interest is in the support of what is often called Commons-Based Peer Production (See: ), such as can be seen with Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS). Rather than treating knowledge as if it were similar to tangibles which have a marginal cost, we harness the ways in which knowledge is different in order to enable wider collaboration. We charge fixed costs for knowledge development, rather than marginal costs, and license our knowledge in ways that allow others to "stand on the shoulders of giants" without additional permission or payment.

Mark Abramowitz (Thornhill, Progressive Canadian Party)

Dear Russel McOrmond

First and foremost I want to apologize for how long it has taken for me to get back to you. To be honest, I am not very educated on the subject of your questions, so I forwarded them to a party member who is. I am sending you his responses because it would be his word that I would take on the matter. I hope to have your support for the upcoming election. If you have anymore questions feel free to call me at 416-704-2697 or e-mail again.

Mark Abramowitz
Candidate for Thornhill
Progressive Canadian Party (PC)

office number 416-704-2697

Here it is:

Link to article on DCC site with answers from Jim Love.

Election 2006: Thornhill

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Incumbent information

Thornhill / Thornhill
MP: Susan Kadis (Parliamentary Internet)

Copyright Act Amendments and Rootkits

The following letter was sent to me by Larry Lean (Personal contact information removed), a constituent of Thornhill, and was copied to the leaders of the 4 parties with seats in parliament.

Hi Russell,

I am just one of likely a zillion Canadians who occasionally send you an email out of the blue of good wishes, or bad tidings. This is good wishes.

Briefly, I am a government auditor by day who has recently specialized in intellectual property, particularly Copyright, in the past 3 years and over the past 12 years have held strong interest in the area (post my degree in economics where I studied well "information theory", etc.).

Election 2004: Thornhill

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