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The Net's influence on Edmonton - Strathcona

CBC journalist Jesse Brown has posted his latest netcast that summarized some key Internet issues surrounding the election. He speaks about the antiquated election results blackout, as well as the influence of vote swapping, strategic voting, and copyright on the riding of Edmonton - Strathcona.

I have to admit that I had high hopes for Rahim Jaffer, which he never followed through with. I consider it his personal choice to have technology policy add to environmental policy to push him out of office.

MP pops the question, MP votes yes

Edmonton Journal article by Nick Lees discloses the question:

The sun was glinting off the Rocky Mountains on a beautiful day in Jasper when Edmonton's Rahim Jaffer proposed to fellow MP Helena Guergis.

Alberta and Ontario getting together? Hmm... What did Mr. Harper say about "the west" on election night?

Who speaks for the public?

This Toronto Star article by Michael Geist (Freely available online version) includes:

Industry Canada's Lobbyist Registration Database includes dozens of registered lobbyists for copyright interests. The Canadian Recording Industry Association has five registered lobbyists on its payroll, while Access Copyright's similarly sized contingent of five registered lobbyists even includes former MP Paul Bonwick, a Bulte contributor who worked closely with her on a 2004 copyright report while both served on the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage.

Election 2006: Simcoe--Grey

Election 2006: Please add comments to discuss riding specific activities, links to candidate information, etc.

Incumbent information

Simcoe–Grey / Simcoe–Grey
MP: Helena Guergis (Parliamentary Internet)
Conservative Critic for International Cooperation

Past Simcoe-Grey MP Paul Bonwick now lobbiest for Access Copyright

Canadian New media reports that past Simcoe-Grey MP Paul Bonwick has registered to be a lobbiest for Access Copyright. The revolving door between members of the Heritage (AKA: Past) committee and the legacy content industry associations should be monitored closely if we are to protect future creativity from abusive control by the past.

See also: Letter to Prime Minister Martin that references Mr. Bonwick's 1996 WIPO treaty ratification push. That ratification opposes the interests of Access Copyright is not likely something Mr. Bonwick understands.

Election 2004: Simcoe--Grey

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